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    game rules of the most popular poker game

    ( Texas Hold'em ):

    It is a good idea to read the rules of poker carefully when you start the game. Beginners who do not know how to start, do not underestimate the importance of knowing the rules. Poker is a thinking game, so it is important that you know the rules! Below we would like to explain you the game rules as well as possible so that you can easily start a nice poker adventure:

    the game flow of poker hold'em:

    Poker has several rounds. Every round has different rules and therefore we will explain the rules per round. In the following summary you will find the rules per round for the Texas hold'em variant.
    1:  The small and big blind: the person sitting directly to the left of the dealer must buy a small blind. How high this small blind is, is determined at the start of the game (see also the rules per poker room). The poker player two spots next to the dealer is obliged to put in the big blind. The other players at the table are lucky and do not have to put anything in.
    When the small and big blind are placed on the table, the game can start and the dealer shares two closed cards per person and puts it down three on the table.
    2:  The pre-flop:  everyone can view their own cards. On the basis of these cards can be deployed. The following actions are possible: folding, checking or (re) raising.
    3:  The flop:  after the pre-flop round the flop follows round; which means that the three cards are exposed on the table. The second betting round can take place and the possibilities fold, check or (re) raise choices are next.
    4:  The turn:  the fourth card on the table is turned over and can again fold, check or (re) -raise).
    5:  The river:  the fifth card is turned over and the players at the table are allowed to bet for the last time (fold, check and (re) raise.
    6:  The showdown:  the dealer asks everyone to turn over his or her cards and the winner is determined based on the highest card combination.

    actions per game round:

    As you have already read, there are several actions you can take during a betting round. The actions are folding, checking, raising and re-raising. Here is a brief explanation of the possible actions:
    1:  Fold:  sometimes it is better to take your losses and step out of the round earlier. In this case you can opt for folding; which means that you no longer participate in this round of play.
    2:  Check:  this action is only possible if the other players have not increased the bet. In this case you can choose to check, which means that you do not bet anything.
    3:  Raising:  in this case you increase the bet. You can do this because you have good cards or because you want to bluff.
    4:  Re-raise:  if your neighbor has just opted for raising, you can choose to re-raise. In this case, you increase the commitment of your neighbor.

    betting possibilities:

    The poker variant Texas Hold'em has different betting variants. Most known betting variants are limit, no limit and pot limit hold'em. We advise you to check if there is a limit before you make your entry into a poker room.
    1:  Limit:  there is a limit for this variant. Usually this limit is just as high as the height of the big blind. Only in the last round can you bet more (usually double a big blind).
    2:  No Limit:  in this case you may know for yourself what you are doing. You could go all-in every round, so to speak.
    3:  Pot Limit Hold'em:  with this variant you may never bet more chips or money than the amount of what is on the table at that moment.

    The card combinations with poker Hold'em:


    we hope this page clarifies the rules on Texas Hold'em. If not; Let us know. We are always ready to answer your questions.